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Planned Works on M8 Junctions 16 to 17 (Woodside Viaduct)

Works run from 12 March 2021 to late 2024

Planned roadworks have been implemented on the M8 Junctions 16 to 17 in Glasgow to undertake maintenance to the Woodside Viaduct structure.

Restrictions and road closures

To ensure the safety of roadworks and the travelling public, there are speed and lane restrictions on the M8 in this area and the slip roads eastbound at Junction 18 (Charing X) and Junction 17 (Great Western Road) and west bound at Junction 15 on Slip (Townhead) and Junction 16 Off Slip (West Graham Street) are closed. Signed routes are in operation. 

Generally, we want to reduce the loads on the structures and also there are some narrow lanes which are less suitable for HGVs on the M8 between junctions 16 and 17. To assist with this, we ask that HGVs consider using an alternative route. 

Plan ahead and consider alternative routes

The traffic management and diversions have been planned in consultation with Transport Scotland, Traffic Scotland, Glasgow City Council and the emergency services. Road users should plan their journey accordingly and allow extra time for travel or consider an alternative route. 

A structural assessment of both the eastbound and westbound areas of the Viaduct in early March 2021 recommended action to be taken immediately. Find more information and updates on Amey's website.

Diversion routes are shown in the maps below. Additional information about the roadworks and traffic management are outlined in our FAQ below. 

Visit our homepage and use the map and its route checker to view any live and future disruptions that may impact your journey.

M8 Woodside Viaduct - Diversion Routes 

Map of the M8 diversion route
Image of map of the M8 diversion route
Image of map of a diversion route

Woodside FAQs

What works are about to be undertaken on this section of the M8?

Investigations into the condition of the supports of each viaduct (crossheads) were undertaken in late 2020, early 2021. These investigations found that the concrete crossheads of each viaduct were in worse condition than anticipated. Temporary traffic management, lane closures and slip road restrictions, were installed on the motorway in March 2021, following the completion of structural investigations, and it was then deemed essential to prop the suspended spans to allow more extensive repairs to be undertaken to the crossheads. 

The works involve propping the affected supports and carrying out repairs to the elements which support the deck.  Propping requires excavation to foundation level, avoidance or re-positioning of many services and specially manufactured steel supports to be erected with jacks to remove load from the supports.  Once jacking has taken place, repairs of the supports will be carried out and the jacks and propping removed.  In some locations, due to services which can’t be moved, propping from foundation level is not possible and the deck will be propped via steel collars around the columns.  At four locations around the SPT underground tunnels, special structures will be constructed to allow the deck to be propped and the load to be transferred to areas such that it doesn’t affect the tunnels.  Again, repairs will be undertaken, and the jacks and propping removed.

The first stage of the construction programme involving excavations, piling and other ground works around the existing viaduct columns commenced in August 2021. The installation of the props at the first location followed in February 2022. There are 23 locations that require propping.

What traffic management and restrictions are currently in place?

To ensure the safety of road workers and the travelling public, speed and lane restrictions are in place on the M8 for the full length of the structures; the eastbound on-slip road at Junction 17, and westbound on-slip at Junction 15 and Junction 17 off-slips are closed. Slip roads at Junctions 16 and 18 remain open. Signed diversion routes are in operation.

Narrowed lanes have been introduced on the mainline of the M8 over the structures. HGVs are being encouraged to consider using an alternative route via the M74 where possible due to these narrow sections.

On the local road network, below the structure, the eastbound carriageway of Phoenix Road is closed between the westbound M8 on-slip to Junction 17 and Garscube Road. A nearside lane closure of the westbound carriageway is also in place.

There is currently no access to New City Road via A804 Phoenix Road.  A signed diversion is in place via Scott Street and Shamrock Street to New City Road. In addition, lane narrowing is in place on the westbound M8 Junction 17 on-slip, situated beyond the right-hand turn from the A804, Phoenix Road.  These restrictions are required to allow for essential excavation works to take place safely under the viaduct.

How long is disruption on the local road beneath the structure likely to continue?

Disruption to the local road network will persist until the completion of the project.

Do you have an estimate of when the temporary propping works will be completed?

Based on current projections the programme of propping works is expected to be complete by late 2024*, which will then enable the permanent repairs to be undertaken.

Design work for the permanent repairs is underway, with information gathered during the propping works being fed back into this process. An initial permanent repair trial which will allow the scheme designers to incorporate and address any further issues identified during construction into the final design is currently in preparation. 

*Please Note: All timings are based on current projections of the condition of the viaducts and on the issues identified to date. Programme timings and designs are subject to review and may be revised depending on further investigations or expanded to include repairs to exposed sections of the structure as work progresses. Any changes to timings will be communicated to our stakeholders using our regular channels (outlined below)

Why have the dates for completion of the propping changed since the beginning of the work?

Each support location on Woodside Viaducts is different in size, depth, with the number of buried services varying at each of these points. These factors need careful consideration and designs are different for each location. Accordingly, the completion date is subject to change as the design develops, which could accelerate or extend the construction programme depending on complexity.

Do you have an estimate of when the final repair solution will be completed?

Based on current projections, the permanent repairs are expected to commence following the installation of the temporary propping system, which will allow full access to repair the supporting crossheads. A programme for this work is currently in development and further information will be made available later this year.

Is there a risk the construction timings may change?

These are major viaduct refurbishment works, with bespoke design solutions being developed throughout, so delays to construction timings are always possible. Phases of the works may also be delayed or rescheduled if weather conditions are not favourable and ongoing investigation work may reveal further issues to be addressed as part of the propping and repair works. If this occurs, we will notify stakeholders of the issues and the potential impact on the timing or delivery of this essential maintenance; whilst always seeking ways to minimise disruption to the travelling public and the local community.

Will changes to the construction programme influence the final cost of the repair scheme?

With the design progressing and detailed information being gathered to inform the construction of the permanent repair, the associated costs for propping and repairs will continue to be subject to change. Elements, such as the price of materials, will fluctuate due to external factors and changes in the market, which also influence overall costs.

What traffic delays can be expected on the motorway network while this work is taking place?

During the morning (8.25am - 8.35am) and evening (4.25pm – 4.35pm) peak travel periods, eastbound delays of 6 to 10 minutes are common due to traffic volumes. Out with peak times, delays are generally 2 to 5 minutes.

During the morning (8.25am - 8.35am) and evening (4.25pm – 4.35pm) peak travel periods, westbound delays of 6 to 10 minutes are common due to traffic volumes. Out with peak times, delays are generally 2 to 5 minutes.

Will the footpaths beneath the M8 Woodside at Phoenix Road and New City Road remain open?

To ensure the safety of road operatives and the travelling public, some footpaths may be subject to localised closures with temporary diversion routes in operation. These diversions will be well signposted at the site with well-lit alternative routes.  Every effort will be made to ensure through routes for active travel will be maintained during the project.

What work has been undertaken to date?

Enabling works including specialist excavations and ground investigation works are well underway beneath the viaducts. Works to install the propping system began in February 2022 and will continue throughout 2023. Some of these locations are particularly challenging due to existing gas, water and electricity mains threading beneath the viaducts. It will, therefore, take longer to develop and finalise safe and practical individual propping solutions for these locations. While this is happening, the more straightforward locations are being propped.

Certain areas are also more difficult due to the proximity to Phoenix Road, SPT subway and utilities that cannot be diverted or protected. We are liaising with the relevant stakeholders to ensure we avoid any potential disruption to these services, whilst the viaduct works are ongoing.

Works to replace the existing bridge parapets will be completed in early 2023.

Why are there periods of time when it appears no one is working at this location?

While there may be periods when road users may not see significant activity on the M8 motorway, a considerable amount of investigation, design, stakeholder, and construction activities are ongoing for the works on the supports below the viaducts.

Investigation and planning is vital for the efficient and safe delivery of this project due to the number of underground services, proximity of the SPT subway and the need to keep all other modes of transport fully active in the area.

How do I contact Amey if I have a complaint, a query or spot an issue on the network related to this work?

Please visit the Amey website to report a problem on the network.​​​​​​

How can I get more information and further updates about this project?

You can visit Amey's website for more information or updates on this project. A free Road Work Alerts service is available from the Amey website, an email address is all that is required to sign up for the service.

Image of map of a diversion route