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Trunk road network

What is the trunk road network?

The trunk road and motorway network includes major A roads and motorways that connect Scotland's major cities, towns, airports and ports enabling the movement of people, goods and services.

The trunk road and motorway network is 3,507km, makes up 6% of Scotland's roads and carries over one third of all traffic in Scotland and 60% of heavy goods vehicles. It does not include local roads, which are managed by local authorities.

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Who maintains the trunk road network?

Transport Scotland has contracts in place with Operating Companies and Design, Build, Finance and Operate (DFBO)  Concessionaires to ensure Scottish trunk roads are safe, efficient and well managed.

The Operating Companies and DBFO Concessionaires have contractual obligations to regularly inspect and maintain the trunk road network.


Use our interactive map below to find out which roads are part of the trunk road network and who maintains them.

Please go to our contact page if you are looking for more help on where to take an enquiry.

Plain text version of this map is available here.

Further details on who maintains the trunk road network

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