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Winter Treatments

row of orange salt gritters

About the Trunk Road Gritter Tracker

The Trunk Road Gritter Tracker page provides live tracking of gritters on Scotland’s trunk road network. It displays the current location of gritters and a trail showing where gritters have previously passed along the trunk routes across Scotland.

The Gritter Tracker does not provide road treatment or gritting information.

When is the Gritter Tracker map updated?

The gritter tracker map shows live gritter tracking from 1 November to 31 March.

The Gritter Tracker does not provide live tracking between April and October. It does show the names of the gritters for the previous winter period.

orage gritter on snowy road

Naming a Trunk Road Gritter Tracker

The naming of each gritter started in 2006, when school children were asked to come up with funny names for the vehicles. Each year, names are submitted to the operating companies who operate the road network on behalf of Transport Scotland each year. 

For more information on the gritter naming and winter service, visit our partner Amey's website, or Bear Scotland's winter portal.

Road treatments

During the winter period, Traffic Scotland provides information on work carried out to help travellers use roads safely. The Gritters & Winter Salt Treatment information service operates from the 1 October to the 15 May. 

Orange gritter on a snowy road

Winter Salt Treatments

You can use the main traffic map on our homepage to find out whether salt treatments have been planned for your route on the trunk road and motorway network. On the map filters, choose Winter info then Winter Salt Treatment.