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How Traffic Scotland is delivered

There are many people and organisations working together to keep Scotland moving, learn more about how Traffic Scotland is delivered. 

Who operates Traffic Scotland?

The Traffic Scotland Service is operated from the National Control Centre in South Queensferry, Edinburgh in Scotland. The Control Centre runs 24/7/365. From here, traffic conditions are monitored using a range of tools including sensors in the road, closed circuit television cameras and data from various other organisations along with reports from road users. Once this data is pulled together and analysed, it is then distributed to road users through the Traffic Scotland website, radio service, social media; road signs; broadcast media; and other partner organisations. 

Traffic Scotland works with numerous organisations to collect and distribute traffic information. These include: 

  • Road operating companies who maintain and repair the trunk roads on behalf of Transport Scotland.
  • Public transport operators who deliver rail, air, bus and ferries travel services.
  • Bridge managers who maintain bridge structures.
  • Police Scotland who are responsible for road policing and respond to road incidents to ensure safety
  • The Media who broadcast travel updates to the public. 
  • The Met Office who provide weather forecasts.
  • Traffic Scotland Operations and Infrastructure Contractors who monitor the trunk road network; distribute travel and traffic information; and respond to the Emergency Roadside Telephones located along the trunk road network. 
traffic Scotland control centre

How we respond to disruptions

Along with the information we gather from the automatic traffic detectors and closed-circuit television cameras, we also use updates from Police Scotland control rooms, road operating companies, and other organisations to provide road users with all the information they need to stay safe and minimise disruption to their journey. 

Some incidents that can cause traffic disruption include: 

  • Traffic accidents.
  • Peak hour congestion.
  • Roadworks.
  • Adverse weather conditions.
  • Road closures.
  • Major events such as The Open, UCI Cycling World Championships, Edinburgh Festivals. 

Once a traffic disruption incident is known, the details are entered into Traffic Scotland's central computer system. When the response to the incident is assessed, the messaging on variable signs and/or control signalling are set. 

Safety messages are shown on road signs when traffic information is not being displayed. From there, the information is passed onto the Media and motoring organisations for radio broadcast.

As well as message signs and overhead lane signals, real-time information is also displayed on this Traffic Scotland website with live travel and traffic information shown on the traffic map and future travel information in travel news on this website.