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Incident type
Start time
12th of March 2021, 8:53pm
Last updated
16th of May 2024, 5:57am
M8 Jct 16 - Jct 18
Eastbound & Westbound
The M8 both Eastbound and Westbound between Junctions 16 and Junction 18 is currently restricted due to essential bridge repairs. Motorists are advised to expect delays in the area.
See below for details of current travel times through the works

Diversion details

Eastbound Junction 18 on slip diversion:
North Street, ST Georges Road, Garscube Road, Dobbie’s Loan to the Junction 16 Eastbound on slip.
Eastbound Great Western Road on slip diversion:
Great Western Road, West Graham Street, Garscube Road then onto Dobbie’s Loan to Junction 16 on slip.
Westbound Junction 15 on slip road diversion:
A803, Baird Street, Sprinburn Road, A803, Re-join M8 Westbound Via Loop.
Westbound Junction 17 off slip Diversion:
Jct 19 off slip, Argyle Street, North Street, Follow Signs Jct 18 WB off slip, Jct 19 off Slip, Argyle Street, North Street, Follow Signs.

Click here for further details on the diversion routes

Current Travel Times Through Works

Current Travel Times

M8 Eastbound from Junction 21 - to Junction 14
(Normally 4 mins uncongested)

M8 Westbound from M8 J14 to M8 J20
(Normally 4 mins uncongested)

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