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What are Low Emission Zones?

Low Emission Zones (LEZs) have been introduced in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. LEZs set an environmental limit on certain road spaces, restricting access for the most polluting vehicles so as to improve air quality. Improving air quality in our cities makes them even more attractive places to live, work, shop and spend leisure time in.

LEZs are the responsibility of the respective local authorities, who should be contacted in the first instance with any queries. 

What vehicles are permitted in a Low Emission Zone (LEZ)?

The confirmed minimum criteria for vehicles to access a Low Emission Zone are:

  • Euro 4 for petrol cars and vans (generally vehicles registered from 2006)
  • Euro 6 for diesel cars and vans (generally vehicles registered from September 2015)
  • Euro VI for buses, coaches and HGVs (generally vehicles registered from January 2013)

These dates are indicative.

There are no LEZ restrictions to fully electric vehicles. The emission standards apply to hybrid vehicles.

Some vehicles including vehicles for disabled drivers and vehicles used by emergency services are exempt. Find further information on exemptions on the LEZ Scotland website.

What happens if my vehicle does not meet the emission standards?

Vehicles that do not meet these standards will be subject to a penalty charge notice, issued to the vehicle’s registered owner should they choose to drive within a LEZ.These penalties double for repeat offenders.

Administration and enforcement of LEZs is handled by the relevant local authority. Please visit the relevant local authority’s website to find out more.

How can I check if my vehicle can travel into a LEZ?

You can check your vehicle by visiting the LEZ website's registration checker:

Vehicle Registration Checker


You can also check with your vehicle manual or manufacturer.

When will enforcement start?

Local grace periods apply until enforcement begins.


Enforcement begins: From 1 June 2023 (with an additional year for residents within the zone)


Enforcement begins: From 30 May 2024


Enforcement begins: From 1 June 2024


Enforcement begins: From 1 June 2024


For more information on the zones, visit the map on our home page to view the LEZs listed within the road facilities.