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Storm Babet - Avoid Travel on the Roads

19th of October 2023, 6:00am to 21st of October 2023, 11:59pm

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The Met Office has issued a new red Weather warning for rain as Storm Babet continues to affect the east of Scotland. As such, you should avoid travel on the roads in the following areas:


  • Angus
  • Aberdeenshire

The red warning is effective from 12am into Saturday 21st October until midnight, Saturday 21st October 2023.

In addition, there are amber weather warnings for rain which overlap and extend the area of travel disruption until midnight, Saturday 21st October. As such, there may be a high risk of disruption for road users in the following areas:


  • Angus
  • Dundee
  • Aberdeen
  • Aberdeenshire
  • Moray
  • Clackmannanshire
  • Fife
  • Perth & Kinross
  • Stirling

A separate amber warning for rain in the Highland and Caithness Region area is also effective from 12am into Saturday 21st October until midnight, Saturday 21st October 2023.

There is a further amber warning for rain in the South West and Lothian & Borders areas (East Lothian, Midlothian and Scottish Borders) which takes effect from 12pm, Friday 20th October until 6am, Saturday 21st October 2023.

The existing yellow warnings for wind and rain remain effective between 3am, Thursday 19th October and midnight, Saturday 21st October 2023. These cover the majority of the country.

The full Met Office warnings can be accessed via this link - UK weather warnings - Met Office.

Storm BABET is affecting the east of the country. Prolonged and very heavy rain is expected to develop across parts of Angus and Aberdeenshire areas throughout Saturday, in areas already affected by severe flooding. Accumulations of 70 to 100 mm are expected over a period of 18 to 24 hours, the highest accumulations over the hills. Less rainfall is expected around coastal areas, but impacts from the higher rainfall further west will extend towards the coast. Roads are now being affected by the heavy rainfall, resulting in spray from other vehicles, surface water and flooding. There are currently a number of road closures in force and potential that further road closures may be required which will impact on all forms of transport.

Driving conditions may become difficult due to spray and flooded roads. In addition, the Scottish Flood Forecast has issued an Amber alert for the same areas, stating there may be severe travel disruption. The full warning can be accessed via this link - Flooding | Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

General advice for road users during a red weather warning event:

  • Conditions for travel may be extremely dangerous with disruption and significant delays
  • Do not ignore road closure signs – they are for your safety
  • Driving through areas of flooding can result in catastrophic damage to your vehicle.
  • Congestion caused by vehicles may restrict emergency services and recovery vehicles from providing essential assistance
  • If travel is absolutely necessary, be aware of the disruption in your area by checking Traffic Scotland and your council website, Facebook and Twitter/X
  • HGV and bus drivers must assess how essential their journey is and reconsider the safety of continuing during extreme weather. Where necessary, get advice from operational managers/supervisors before beginning or continuing with journeys
  • Always consider the consequences of driving when there is a warning to avoid travel

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